Admission Criteria

Admission to BAIAC Panel of Arbitrators

Admission to the BAIAC Panel of Arbitrators is by invitation only, however those wishing to apply can do so subject to fulfilling one or more of the following general guidelines:

  • Experience acting as an arbitrator;
  • Acted as a party representative, expert or counsel in international arbitration;
  • Acted as a counsel for parties in litigation with experience in arbitration related matters;
  • Experience in the academia as a professor or a lecturer with experience teaching arbitration, and evidence of publication on arbitration related subject;
  • Other substantial experience or expertise in connection with arbitration or international dispute resolution.

In addition, the applicant is ordinarily expected to possess relevant professional or academic qualification in arbitration, or have completed relevant professional training in international commercial arbitration. We encourage applications for empanelment from multidisciplinary trade and profession, as we also promote equal opportunities in respect of gender, generational, geographical and equality from all walks of life in the arbitration sphere.

BAIAC reserves the right to admit or to refuse the admission of any person to the BAIAC Panel of Arbitrators. To be considered for admission into the BAIAC panel of arbitrators, please e-mail with your cover letter and professional CV.