BAIAC Arbitration Rules

The BAIAC itself does not resolve disputes but administers the process of resolution of disputes by Arbitral Tribunals constituted in accordance with the Rules. The BAIAC is the only body authorized to administer arbitrations under the Rules, including the scrutiny and approval of awards rendered in accordance with the Rules.

The BAIAC Arbitration Rules adopt the UNCITRAL Rules of Arbitration, a decision grounded in the acknowledgment that these rules provide a tried, tested, and credible foundation. This approach eliminates the need to reinvent established principles. Nonetheless, the BAIAC Arbitration Rules introduce distinctive features tailored for small claims and expedited procedures. These modifications were developed through extensive consultation with arbitral users and industry experts.

The BAIAC 2019 Arbitration Rules are set out in full below (1st Edition, 1 October 2019):

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Practice Notes