Walter Chen Fayun 陈发云

Walter Chen is a Senior Counsel and Partner of Grandall Law Firm, Nanjing. He has over 26 years of experience in advising clients domestic and foreign on litigation and non-litigation matters. His areas of practice include international litigation and arbitration, cross-border investment and M&A, international trade, corporate, maritime, construction, and other foreign-related legal affairs. He is one of the very few leading international dispute resolution practitioners in China who can effectively handle cases in both English and Chinese language as counsel and arbitrator.

Walter Chen has a proven track record for handling complex and high-profile legal matters such as the automobile joint venture project between Jaguar Land Rover and Chery Automobile, which was rated as the “Best Deal of the Year 2012” by China Business Law Journal, Hong Kong; and the civil and commercial cases concerning disputes arising from cross-border investment, mergers & acquisitions, joint venture contracts, international trade, domestic sale & purchase, agency agreement, letter of credit, banking, refund guarantee, shareholder disputes, product liability, as well as real estate projects heard before Chinese courts at various levels, Hong Kong High Court, US Federal District Courts, CIETAC, SHIAC, and a variety of overseas arbitration institutions such as HKIAC, ICC, SIAC and LMAA, inter alia, by teaming up with an American law firm, he once successfully represented a well-known Chinese automobile enterprise in allegedly the largest case against Chinese business sued overseas with claimed amount of over USD 15 billion, which was transferred from a US federal district court and heard in HKIAC.

Over the years he has been awarded with honors such as Top 10 Lawyers of the Belt and Road in China (2018) ,Top 10 Lawyers Engaged in Cross-Border Legal Affairs in Jiangsu Province (2018) and Man of the Year in China’s Legal Service (2016).