Panel of arbitrators

BAIAC maintains an arbitrator panel that considers gender, geographical, and generational diversity, as well as people inclusivity. The BAIAC panel is particularly interested in promoting China-ASEAN Plus Six panel of arbitrators in promoting people-to-people exchanges, which are a critical component of regional economic cooperation.

Our panel is made up of senior and junior arbitrators who all have one thing in common: they have the necessary expertise, knowledge, and professional experience, but most importantly, they have the ability to commit their time to conducting arbitration proceedings efficiently and professionally. Details on admission criteria as arbitrator of BAIAC can be found on this website.


Name Title Location
1 Ajay Thomas Mr Delhi
2 Aloysius Wee Mr Singapore
3 Andrew Chin Mr Hong Kong
4 Anish Wadia Mr Mumbai
5 Anthony Nicholls Mr Singapore
6 Arie Reich Prof. Israel
7 Armand Terrien Mr Paris
8 Ashok Kumar Singh Senior Advocate Delhi
9 Ashok Sharma Dr Delhi
10 Avi Zamir Judge Tel Aviv
11 Aziz Tayabali Samiwalla Mr Singapore
12 Bian Yongmin Prof. Beijing
13 Brenda Horrigan Ms. Singapore
14 Chia Ho Choon Mr Singapore
15 Chia Yong Yong Ms Singapore
16 Colin Liew Mr Singapore
17 David Zhou Mr Changsha
18 Edwark Mark Taylor Mr. Hong Kong
19 Elijah Putilin Mr Moscow
20 Ernest Azad Kumar Mr Kuala Lumpur
21 Francis Goh Mr Singapore
22 Francis Xavier Senior Counsel Singapore
23 Frans Winarta Prof. Jakarta
24 Gopal Jain Senior Advocate Delhi
25 Govintharasah Ramanathan Mr. Singapore
26 Grace Cheng Ms London
27 Hafez Virjee Mr Paris
28 Hor Peng Dr Phnom Penh
29 Iain Potter Mr Singapore
30 Idwan Ganie Dr Jakarta
31 Inbavijayan Veeraraghavan Mr Chennai
32 Jagannath Muthu Mr Singapore
33 Janice Lee Ms Singapore
34 Jennifer Fong Ms. Singapore
35 Jia Hui (Harrison) Mr Beijing
36 John Sze Mr Singapore
37 Jonathan Zhang Xuesen Prof. Shanghai
38 Jude Benny Dato' Singapore
39 Kelvin Lee Mr Singapore
40 Kevin Tan Mr Singapore
41 Kingsley Ong Prof. Hong Kong
42 Li Chengyu Ms Nanning
43 Lin Yuankai Mr. Singapore
44 Liu Pei Xin Mr. Guangdong
45 Lucy Martinez Ms. Queensland, Australia
46 Menashe Cohen Dr Tel Aviv
47 Mohan Pieris President's Counsel Colombo
48 Olga Boltenko Ms Hong Kong
49 Ong Sin Yee Ms Singapore
50 Ooi Zhao Rong Mr. Hong Kong
51 Oomen Mathew Mr Singapore
52 Pan Haiqing Ms Nanning
53 Paul Zhang Prof. Shanghai
54 Polly Pope Ms Auckland
55 Rengarajoo Balasamy Mr Singapore
56 Sabrina Wang Yang Ms Beijing
57 Shashank Garg Mr Delhi
58 Shaun Leong Mr Singapore
59 Tan Siew Imm Ms Kuala Lumpur
60 Verghese George Dato', Retired Court of Appeal Judge Kuala Lumpur
61 Yao Yuexi Ms Shanghai
62 Yvette Anthony Ms Singapore
63 Zhao Yun Prof. Hong Kong


(Register as of 18 December 2021)