BAIAC and ADR e-Sarvatra Private Limited (“ADReS”) entered into a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 22 May 2022. The signing took place in Kochi on 22 May 2022 between Professor Steve Ngo, President of BAIAC and Dr Harish Narasappa, Senior Advocate, Co-Founder and Director of ADReS.

Based in Bangalore which is commonly identified India’s ‘Silicon Valley’, ADReS has built a proprietary online platform (ADReS Now) which facilitates dispute resolution through bespoke technology that is accessible, innovative, intuitive, and secure. It uses technology to seamlessly integrate case management, workflow management, and video conferencing systems, thus offering users an unparalleled experience for virtual arbitration hearings.

Under the terms of the MoU, among others, both parties would be cooperating on making available ADReS Now in Southeast Asia and East Asia, as virtual and electronic hearing platforms are increasingly in demand especially since the pandemic. BAIAC will also be making available its panel of arbitrators to ADReS Now for appointment under its online protocol, joint courses and the promotion of BAIAC rules.

BAIAC’s President, Professor Steve Ngo said “The MoU is an important event for us and also the arbitral community at large. Electronic hearing platforms are increasingly important for international arbitral conducts even pre-pandemic and especially so now. Not only that it is important in terms of digitalisation of proceedings, this can contribute towards environmental sustainability and positive social impacts. More importantly, ADReS Now is a product created by arbitral users for arbitral users. Dr Narasappa is a Senior Advocate with a solid experience in dispute resolution and he is backed by Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Mr Kesava Moorthy who has held senior executive roles at one of the world’s leading IT company”.

ADReS Now’s Co-Founder and CTO Mr. Kesava Moorthy said “ADReS Now is very excited to explore opportunities in Southeast Asia and East Asia in cooperation with BAIAC. We firmly believe that ODR and hybrid forms of dispute resolution are here to stay given the widespread use of technology in all human activities. With our innovative and user-friendly platform, we hope to make a significant contribution in the development of ODR and hybrid forms of dispute resolution in Asia. We are excited to partner with Steve Ngo and the team at BAIAC in our common quest to develop an affordable and efficient dispute resolution system.”