SHANGHAI, 31 August 2019 – Beihai Arbitration Commission organised an international commercial arbitration summit in Shanghai attended by Chairman of Beihai Arbitration Commission Mr Zhong Hong, Vice-Chairman of Beihai Arbitration Commission, Prof Ma Zhangjun, Vice-Chairman of Beihai Arbitration Commission, Mr Zhu Jifan and President of BAIAC Prof Steve Ngo.

The panel of speakers comprised of Prof Louise Otis and Prof Fabien Gelinas from McGill University, Canada and other distinguished speakers from Beijing and Shanghai. In his presentation, Prof Ngo emphasised on the need for institutions to better understand the needs of arbitration users, for essentially they are the parties who are beset with disputes. The increasingly high cost of arbitration and its complexity are some of the issues that need to be addressed in order to make arbitration, making sense again.

During the summit, various issues were discussed including current trend in China and overseas, attracting many good questions as well as responses from the audience. The summit was also broadcasted online and watched by many audience in China and abroad.